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Kids' Birthday cakes

What is important for a kid on his birthday? Family, friends, gifts, and a cake with a favorite theme and design. Let's browse through Kid's birthday cakes' themes and designs we did so far.

purplr mermaid
farm animals
number 2 cars theme cake
airplane theme cake
3D pig cake
Nautical theme cake
3D fire truck cake
Abstract paint cake
Fairy theme cake
Mermaid cake
Leopard Gecko cake
Solar system cake
Sea theme cake
Mermaid_Sea theme cake
Dolphins theme cake
Rainbow sprinkle piñata cake
Number 2 construction trucks
Slot Machine Theme Cake
farm animals
Jungle them Animal silhouette
Cooking theme cake
peddington Bear
Birdie theme cake
Krishna theme cake
Mermaid theme
winter onederland
floral cake
Pink rosette cake
Jewels theme cake
Fruit theme cake
Unicorn theme cake
Dinosaur theme smash cake
baloon n flowers theme first birthda
Jungle theme cake
baseball theme cake
Baseball theme smash cake
Unicorn theme Giant cupcake cake
Cosmic_Bowling theme
Panda theme cake
Panda theme smash cake
Fire truck theme cake
Police theme cake
Angry Birds theme cake
Jungle theme cake
Art theme cake
Dinosaurs and Volcano
Prince_1st birthday
Princess theme cake
Emoji theme cake
Doll Cake
Jungle theme cake
number 10 cake for boy
Gymbo the Clown
number 10 cake for a girl
Star and krishna
Construction theme 2tier cake
Jungle theme cake
Rosettes n Crown
Pool party theme cake
Rosettes and crown
Jungle theme
Star and tie
Gardening theme cake
PS4 Controller
Cherry Blossom...Spring Is here..
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